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Megan Fox to endorse Avon Instinct fragrance

11 December 2013 04:21 pm | Team

MUMBAI: She is pregnant but still her brand value doesn’t seem to cease. The sultry and hot Megan Fox will serve as the face of Avon Instinct fragrance. The brand believes that Fox is an iconic beauty and has a smoldering presence on screen and off. She is the perfect fit for the intensely exotic new scents – lush, fruity floral for her.

Evoking the intoxicating feeling of losing inhibitions and indulging desire, Instinct is an ode to the kind of sensuality that Fox embodies. The seductive fragrances unleash primal instincts, empowering you to embrace the powerful force of desire.

In a release, Fox said, “When Avon approached me to be the face of Instinct, I was thrilled about the opportunity to represent these fragrances. I’m so excited to be a part of this brand I’ve always loved and respected.”