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Maya Digital Studios consulted eye specialists for better viewing

05 December 2013 03:59 pm | Team

MUMBAI: Maya Digital Studios, the company that pioneered the art and technology of animation and visual effects in India, has successfully converted Indian cinema’s most landmark film from 2D to Stereoscopic 3D. 

Maya consulted several eye specialists along with cinematographers, stereographers, image processing engineers and software programme developers in order to get the right depth map, offset between the two sets of images. This was to ensure that the viewing of the final 3D output of Sholay is as good as the epic movie.

Sholay is as sacrosanct as the Indian cinema itself; hence it had to be treated accordingly, with great care and utmost respect. In order to make the viewing experience of Sholay in 3D as good as the movie, we also consulted Hollywood DI, a renowned post production studio in the US, which provided us additional technical consultation to assure the finest quality output”, said Maya Digital Studios MD and chairman Ketan Mehta.

He further added, “Some people feel like taking off the glasses while watching a 3D film for bit. But then the film looks hazy without glasses. Taking this insight into consideration, we at Maya adjusted the offset in the images to such an extent that even without wearing the glasses; the film doesn’t come across as hazy or blurred. While the 3D glasses, makes the viewing better, even the lack of the glasses, doesn’t rob the film of its viewing pleasure.”

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