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Designer promos don't mean designer budgets
Indiantelevision.com Team
(19 July 2004 8:30 pm)
MUMBAI: Designer promos; the session spearheaded by Jeff Rustia talked about different facets of promotion and what the key ingredients that make a designer promo.

The first step being creating a good idea, Rustia went on to say that the next step is to gather all visual references that one can get hold off. Sketching and drawing pictures was pointed out to be as key in the production of designer promos.

A good idea is that which makes a spot a designer ad. When a good idea is conceptualised, people jump at it. Hence he stated that a designer promo need not have designer budgets.

Ideas should be simple and should have a connect. Designer promos with words evoke emotion and make a strong bonnet with the people. Memorable visuals are another aspect that go into the creation of these promos's. If visuals need that extra push, one needs to get it done yourself. Using illustration and animating the whole spot can help tell a great story.


Colour is another ingredient which should not be viewed only as a decorative piece, but look at adding meaning to the promo. Contrast is another very effective way of drawing the audiences attention.

The use of layout and composition help speed the process of communication. Another key aspect is pacing and editing; music also lends a very essential character to the percception of the whole promo.

The concluding message was "To learn the designer tips so well one can break them. Rule breakers understand the rules best." The best designers come from having a life, being hungry and curious and being obsessive with promos.


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